Upcoming Series…

My pastor approached me and asked me to do a series on “ten reasons Heaven won’t be boring.”  As I thought on that prospect, I knew Heaven wouldn’t be boring, but it’s hard to intellectualize that for some reason, and the things I studied hadn’t exactly help.  Even simply Googling “Reasons Heaven Won’t Be Boring” doesn’t help.

But then I began to understand something…in order to conceptualize enjoying something for all eternity, one needs to have a taste of it in the “here and now” first.  If I took a taste of a bowl of soup that had no flavor, that would turn me off to the notion of sitting down and eating the whole bowl, no matter how good anyone tried to convince me that soup was…even if they were to tell me that soup would be perfect in the end.  However, if I tasted that bland soup initially, then the cook added just a touch of some of the ingredients, and offered me a taste, then I could believe the promise of terrific soup afterall. 

That’s how the promises of Heaven are with us.  We start off with bland lives, but if we seek God’s revelations throughout life (small taste of things to come) then we can trust God that Heaven will be a place that we will enjoy and look forward to…and it’s ours to enjoy forever.

So the following outline is a ten part series on how to achieve tastes of Heaven in your families and homes.  I took ten Bible truths about Heaven, and highlighted the spiritual and practical applications as they pertain to the family here on Earth.  These articles will appear over the next 10 weeks.

1.  The Light of Christ 

2.  Riches Abound in Heaven

3.  Angels Guarding the Twelve Open Gates in Heaven

4.  Gold is Plentious and Signifies Purity

5.  The Endless Flowing River from the Throne of God

6.  The Inner Beauty of the New Jerusalem

7.  Perfect Unity, Fellowship, and Love

8.  Perfect Rule in Heaven

9.  Creation of a New Heaven and a New Earth

10.  Watch for Christ’s Return

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