Debate Requires Two Sides

I am posing this weeks post in the form of a question to which I am desperately seeking an answer (below you will find a place to leave a comment). Whatever happened to opposing views in an arena of open debate? What happened to liberty and freedom of speech for ALL? When did there become only ONE correct and enlightened viewpoint and all others were dismissed, silenced, or threatened with the label of “hate crime?” When did that happen? Why did that happen? How did that happen?

Now let’s be honest, there is open debate and freedom of speech in all issues of consequence EXCEPT one! That one issue is, of course, homosexual marriage. Ever since the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) made it legal for homosexuals to marry, there has been much reaction from the other side of the argument…namely those who oppose same sex marriage and speak out against it. Why do opponents of homosexual marriage have to endure such vitriol from those who support homosexual marriage? Why do they have to risk being slapped with a hate crime? Why are we called bigots?

I DO NOT support the right for homosexuals to marry, but I DO support the right of homosexuals to plead their case, and say whatever they want in defense of their viewpoint. But viewpoints that are on the opposite ends of the spectrum on a particular issue should BOTH have equal right to be said and heard! That’s healthy! That’s how people in the middle who don’t have a position can adopt one…by hearing BOTH sides! Each side puts forth their best arguments and people are swayed one way or another on that particular issue.

Why is the opposing viewpoint to homosexual marriage met with such disdain? Those who oppose the legalization of marijuana do not endure the same level of criticism and name-calling by those who support the legalization of marijuana. Again, I ask, why, how, and when did homosexual marriage evolve into a one-sided argument and all other viewpoints and dissenters to the legalization of homosexual marriage should be silenced? I don’t want homosexual marriage, but I don’t want their voice silenced! Yet proponents of homosexual marriage want it legalized and they want their opponents’ voices silenced, or at the very least, intimidated and discouraged into even opening their mouths at all.

For the record, I am against homosexual marriage. Now is not the forum to go into all the reasons why, but I am a Christian and my argument against it comes from the Bible, and is based on what I believe to be moral absolutes. But why shouldn’t I be allowed to voice that argument without fear of reprisal? And if anyone who is FOR homosexual marriage had to endure negative consequences at the hands of Christians for voicing their position, I apologize to you on their behalf, as those Christians DO NOT represent me, and I feel they may not be worth their weight in salt anyway.

All I ask is that we, the opponents of homosexual marriage, be allowed to voice our opposition to it, including why we are against it. Because true Christians love everyone, and are not bigots, though we are so quickly given that title. Most of us true and honest Christians are undeserving of that label. And I’m sorry if supporters of homosexual marriage, and the homosexual community at large, can’t come to terms with the reality that it is possible to be against homosexual marriage and still love the person as a fellow human being. Ahhh, I think we may be on to something…maybe both sides are guilty of having demonized the opposition and therefore have lost the human element in all of this.

Whatever the reason, BOTH sides of the argument must be expressed, while BOTH sides of the argument must be heard with respect…and nothing less will do!

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