Trump…Pence…and Us…

I awoke this morning to a renewed sense of optimism and hope.  This election cycle was the roughest in MY memory.  I favored neither CANDIDATE, but I favored one party’s platform over the other.  I am against abortion, gay marriage, transgendered bathrooms, and entitlements.  My main voting priority was abortion.  I fail to see how Christians can be for any candidate that doesn’t oppose abortion, and promises to promote abortion beyond where it is today.  Christians who don’t see abortion as a HUGE issue are either Biblically ignorant, apathetic, or at worse, they don’t care about the death of innocent babies that God Himself gave life to in the womb.  All that aside, as Christians, here are a few things to keep in mind going forward since yesterday’s election results.

In Daniel 2:21, the statement is made that God removes and sets up kings.  Since God is sovereign, He does one of two things with respects to rulers (kings and such).  God either directly puts them into office, or He allows the wicked to gain access to places of authority, sometimes as chastisement on His people because of disobedience, as God did with Israel many times in the Old Testament.  In any case, I believe God was behind the Trump/Pence victory.

This is only the beginning!!!  There is a lot of hard work that must go on now.  They both need our prayers.  Perhaps our prayers put them in the White House.  But it will also be because of our prayers that the things that will glorify God will get done.  Paul exhorts Timothy to pray for kings and all who are in authority.  That will lead to a quiet and peaceable life.  That’s a promise from God’s Word and not something someone on the news suggested.  I failed miserably at praying for the past presidents, and maybe many others failed too.  Is it any wonder over the last eight years, there has been less and less peace and tranquility in American society if so few Christians were praying for our most recent  president?  Peace and quiet on some level must be restored to this immensely divided country.  It starts with us praying EVERY DAY for Trump, Pence, our pastors, and all else in authority.  The election was just the beginning.  Now the work starts, and it starts with prayer.

Here are a few things I mused about when I was realizing I need commit to pray for the president now.  Perhaps there are some things on this list you also have thought about, perhaps there are some new ones…

We need to pray for the health and safety of Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and their families.

We need to pray that Donald Trump will have his heart softened by God and that God will allow Mike Pence unprecedented access to Donald Trump’s heart and soul by being a courageous and bold witness for God.

We need to pray that Donald Trump did not put Mike Pence on the ticket to use him to get the evangelical vote, and then dismiss Mike Pence as an inconsequential national elected official.

We need to pray that Donald Trump gets godly counsel for every decision of consequence he has to make, such as appointments to the Supreme Court.  And while we are at it, those Supreme Court judges have authority over us, and we should be praying that those on the bench would at least consider the idea of repealing Roe v. Wade.  That would be monumental, but not impossible if God gets involved (Matthew 19:26) because we pray (James 4:2).

Always remember to pray for ourselves.  We, as individuals, are the least common denominator of a nation.  If we want revival in America, we need it first in our very own individual lives.  You can’t effect someone else for revival if your own life is an ungodly mess.  If you were for any political stance that was unscriptural and you propagated that position, repent, seek forgiveness, and let God mold your heart to believe and think and act biblically going forward.

I said in a Tweet weeks ago, that we don’t want to make America just great again, but rather, we want to make America GODLY again.  We’ve been given a great start by God this day, but this is only the beginning.  Let’s make the most of this opportunity God has bestowed upon our nation!

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