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Stewardship of Our Bodies

           Let’s start by reviewing the fact that stewardship is the taking care of something not our own that was entrusted to us by someone else.  In this series, we are studying the things that God has given us to be … Continue reading

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Stewardship of Money

           Well, if you thought that maybe you had not enough time on your hands to be a good steward, how are you feeling about the prospect of learning to become a good steward of God’s money?  Most of us … Continue reading

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Stewardship of Time

I think this is probably the best topic to begin with in regards to doing a series on stewardship. The reason I believe this to be true is the simple fact that time is the one thing that transcends all … Continue reading

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           How trustworthy are you with things others let you borrow?  Ever loan out anything only to never get it back?  How about loaning something out to someone, and actually getting it back, but it’s in terrible condition?  Have … Continue reading

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Hello world!

            Greetings everyone.  I’d like to welcome you as I bring to life something that has been on my heart now for about a year.  Since 2008 I have been writing articles for my church.  I was excited about developing … Continue reading

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